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Zoom through your meetings with Kiwi!

Whether you are in meetings for work, hanging out with friends, or attending a class - sometimes you just have to use Zoom! See how Businesses and Students are using Zoom to keep up on their day.

Businesses Zoom through their day.

Zoom helps teams collaboratively work together on training sessions, client presentations, sales meetings, or board meetings. It has a consistent user experience across devices removing frustrations and lost time no matter which operating system you are using. It gives you time back by bringing everyone together, especially across large, distributed teams working all hours of the day, across the whole world. We see that with Zoom and Kiwi, businesses are finally able to get off of Office 365 - spending less money and less time to get more things done.

Students stay on top of everything.

In addition to businesses, colleges across the nation are using Zoom’s video conferencing services to conduct classes remotely. As a speaker or teacher, it’s essential to be able to see nonverbal communication. So, Zoom is particularly beneficial because it’s capable of handling multiple video connections simultaneously. In contrast, Microsoft Teams can only display a few video connections at once.

Classes are divided out into Rooms as students Zoom in and out of types all day. Now they can do this and stay on top of their Calendar, Inbox, Slides, Sheets, and Docs with Kiwi for Gmail without the browser getting in the way. Being organized can make or break a semester - especially if you want to have a social life as well.

People are staying connected.

Zoom has inspired many people to find creative ways and stay connected even while apart. Even with COVID restrictions slowly being lifted, you will always still have friends and family out of the area. Show them a little more than just some Facebook love. Here are a few ideas to get you started!

  • Have a Class reunion coming up? Here are some Tips and Tricks for Planning a Virtual Class Reunion.

  • Host a paint party, table read, or Karaoke!

  • Google Slides can be a great way to summarize some key events when reconnecting over a long period.

  • Throwback your Thursday stand-up by playing Rose (say the best part of your day), Thorn (the worst), and Bud (what you’re looking forward to).

  • Are you trying to get your podcast off the ground? Start recording it with Zoom, publish on a few channels and see who bites!

  • Keep your team on their toes with themed days! Dress up (or down), change your picture, grab a beach background and enjoy what you are doing.

Don’t see it in Kiwi? Grab a plan that has Zoom on it and get a free trial for a few weeks. Need some more time? Contact sales or support for your options and let us know what you need.


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