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How to Delete All Emails in Gmail

How to delete all emails in Gmail | Kiwi for Gmail Blog

There is no doubt that a tidy inbox brings immense satisfaction. The feeling of having all your emails neatly organized and within reach is truly unparalleled. And when it comes to email services, Gmail undoubtedly ranks as one of the most widely used platforms around the globe. Its popularity stems from its user-friendly interface, convenient access to crucial communications, and ample storage capacity, catering to both personal and business needs.

However, as your Gmail account accumulates emails over time, managing them efficiently becomes increasingly challenging. Not only can the sheer volume of emails impact your account's performance, but it can also hinder your productivity. Fortunately, various tools, such as the highly acclaimed Kiwi for Gmail, have emerged to simplify the task of filtering and organizing your Gmail. But what if you're seeking a fresh start? How can you swiftly delete all the emails in your Gmail account?

In this comprehensive blog, we will guide you through a simple yet powerful method to delete all of your emails in Gmail with just a few clicks. So, let's dive in!

How to delete emails in gmail

Step 1: Search and Select Emails

To initiate the deletion process, we first need to search for and select the emails we wish to remove. By entering a keyword in the search box, such as the name of a specific sender, Gmail will display all the emails associated with that search criterion. Once you have received the search results, effortlessly click the checkbox situated at the top-left corner of Gmail to select all the emails on that page. You can repeat this process until all the desired emails have been selected.

Alternatively, if you prefer to delete your entire inbox in one fell swoop, simply check the "select all" box. Shortly after doing so, a message will prompt you at the top of your screen, asking if you want to select all emails. Just give that a click!

delete gmail emails

Step 2: Click Select All Conversations

Once you have handpicked the emails you wish to delete, Gmail will prompt you to select all conversations that match your search. Look out for the link that says "Select all conversations that match this search" and proceed to click it. By doing so, Gmail will automatically select all the relevant emails in your inbox that correspond to the search criteria.

Again, if you prefer to delete your entire inbox, go ahead and check the "select all" box. The same message mentioned earlier will pop up, seeking confirmation on selecting all emails.

Step 3: Click the Delete Button

Now that you have successfully selected all the conversations matching your search, it's time to eliminate them permanently. Locate the Delete button at the top of the Gmail interface and give it a satisfying click. Gmail will request your confirmation before proceeding with the deletion process, ensuring there are no accidental deletions. Feel free to click OK and patiently await Gmail to complete the task, especially if you have a large number of emails.

For those who only wish to "Mark All as Read," fret not! You will find that option right here as well.

delete all emails in inbox

Step 4: Empty Trash Folder

Upon deleting the targeted emails, they are moved to your Trash folder, which still occupies space in your account. To free up storage and ensure a pristine inbox, it is essential to empty your Trash folder. Begin by clicking on the Trash folder in Gmail, then navigate to the "Empty Trash Now" button at the top of the Gmail interface. Gmail will, once again, request your confirmation to ensure the deletion of all the emails stored in your account's trash folder. Rest assured and confidently click OK to proceed, bidding farewell to all the emails forever.

Step 5: Congratulations, You're Done!

Congratulations on your remarkable achievement! By following the steps outlined above, you have successfully deleted all the emails residing in your Gmail account. With your mailbox now devoid of any clutter, you can relish in its empty state, enhanced speed, and readiness for a fresh start.

Maintaining an organized Gmail mailbox may seem like an overwhelming task, but with a systematic approach and the tips mentioned, you can ensure your mailbox remains efficient and manageable. Set up filters, use labels, and regularly delete unnecessary emails to sustain an optimal Gmail experience. And if you're seeking an even more intuitive Gmail experience, don't hesitate to give Kiwi for Gmail a try.

Remember, a decluttered and streamlined Gmail account empowers you to navigate your digital communications smoothly and effortlessly. Start fresh and make the most of your Gmail experience today!


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