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Make the Most of Winter: 3 Tips for Productivity

It’s winter. The days may be short, but so too is daylight. Studies show that maintaining a positive, focused attitude at work is more challenging this time of year. So what can we do to combat the winter woes?

In the Kiwi spirit of productivity, this blog post will outline several ways to bring your A-game to the workplace this winter.

Mix up your routine.

While routines can be comforting, there’s something monotonous about a daily winter regimen. The season itself is dry enough—make the effort to try something new every day. Forced to perform an unfamiliar activity, your brain will “wake up” and you’ll reset your focus. Sit in a different spot for lunch; take a different route to the office; don’t answer all your emails at the beginning of the day, use the Focus Filter to choose the important ones.

Start your day on a positive note.

It’s true: your bed IS warmer than the cold, snowy outdoors. That said, the best way to be productive throughout the day is to get up and start moving. Further, be sure to get a good night's sleep. Research suggests that working adults need between seven and nine hours of sleep per night. Anything less will affect productivity the following day. Use the # Kiwi Zen switch to unplug when it’s time to go home—you can unwind without workplace stress.

Do something that makes you happy.

Tis the season to treat yourself. The holidays may be over, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop celebrating. It’s cold outside and if hot chocolate is your thing? Go for it. Tiny little treats are proven to increase happiness, and in turn, increase office productivity. Happy people make better coworkers.

Winter is long and Kiwi is here for you. We love productivity and believe that little methods like these make all the difference.


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